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  1. Name : Tirtha Chatterjee
  2. Email :
  3. wiki username: wyuka
  4. IRC nickname: wyuka
  5. English
  6. Located in India, GMT + 5:30, tend to work between 2 pm to 4 am local time
  7. Have created an open source download manager application that supports PHP redirects in Python. It is currently in alpha stage and the code structure is primitive, and only has CUI support. I am doing a mass rewrite of the code right now to make it object-oriented, so that it can seamlessly deal with multiple downloads.
    I have edited the book "How to think like a Computer Scientist" licensed under GPL to account for new C++ syntax and STL classes.

I am interested in Open Source programming since I like the unique concept of everyone contributing to the world in general. Also, it gives me a chance to make my code available for use for users all over the world. This way, I can contribute to increase computer literacy and Tech awareness, which is a problem in economies that cannot afford properietary software.