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Fedora Summer Coding 2012 program is not yet launched. Please refer to this page to get an outline. We are going online soon !!!

This program is initiated inorder to get more contribution from the students and wider the representation of Fedora though out the Universities in “The Fedora Way”.

Fedora Summer Coding 2012

Goal : Collect more than 100 points by completing tasks.


  1. Create a RPM package for Fedora - 40 points
  2. Work on the GSoC proposal (scale down version)** - 90 points
  3. Easyfix ( hrs per easyfix) - 25 points
  4. Organize a fedora event with FAm in your college - 40 points*
  5. Complete a ticket which is on a non-technical trac - 10 points*
  6. Localize two wiki pages (providing by the mentors) - 10 points*
  7. Mingle with Fedora community(Fedora video/tour) - 10 points*#

* these task can be picked one time only.
** Need to discuss with the mentor and list the tasks that should be finished according the number of hours
# actively participate with any FAS group with their meetings, mailing lists and etc.. Recommendation is required from one of Fedora contributor who is a member of this group to ensure the students active participation.

If four easyfix tasks are chosen, it should represent two categories.


  1. Every task should be blogged comprehensively.


Mailing List (GSOC related) :
Mailing List (Technical) :
IRC : Channel - #fedora-devel or #fedora-summer-coding on Freenode



Feel free to add you name here, if you are willing to support.

FAS Username Name email Categories
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  • May 21- June 8 - Students can register with the program
  • June 11 - June 22 - Students select their tasks and getting familiar with the program
  • June 25 - August 18 - Students work on their tasks
  • August 20 - August 31 - Evaluations
  • September 02 - Results out
  • September 03 - September 14 - Rewards posting

Student should inform us about the task he/she is willing to work on. Tasks can be picked when a task is finished. No need to select all at once.


  • Tshirts
  • Fedora Media
  • Fedora Stickers
  • Fedora Buttons
  • Surprices ????


Currently the registration is open for returning students who applied for GSoC 2012 with the Fedora project. An invitation will be sent with all the info soon the program is launched.