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Status: under review

Style: Application

Retrieving package information dialog

  • no progress
  • no way to abort it
  • should be more descriptive

Main window

  • spacing (right border), in frames (separators)
  • dialogs not centered - about, open/save etc.

Display tab

  • no description - what does it mean "Configure the X Windows System"?

Pre install

  • centered
  • not filling (warning)

Add network device

  • spacings
  • sensitive OK button
  • network device - no way to select other than ethX

About dialog

  • nonstandard one, no license

Open dialog

  • too big
  • filter default .ks extension
  • crashing while loading unsupported format (there should be check)


  • allow user to select kickstart based on theirs configuration or default one (such as "load my config", "use distribution defaults")
  • some fields are filled with system default, some with random values, some with user's settings