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Here is the extraction of the irc chat with inode0 on March 4th, 2012.

[10:14] <bckurera> inode0 I would like to get some info about NA
[10:14] <inode0> sure
[10:15] <bckurera> specially about the Trac
[10:15] <bckurera> as you have mentioned in the last meeting, I was
creating a proposal, so think of getting your ideas :)
[10:16] <bckurera> do NA trac handle request related with funds/ budget?
[10:16] <bckurera> for events
[10:16] <inode0> for events what we normally do is request funds on
the event page, put a budget there
[10:17] <inode0> then at our FAmNA meetings we discuss and approve what we approve
[10:17] <inode0> reimbursements are handled through a private trac
[10:17] <bckurera> no involvement of FAmSCo?
[10:18] <inode0> no
[10:18] <bckurera> ok, thanks
[10:19] <inode0> well, sort of in a way historically
[10:19] <bckurera> then how to trac the budget available for NA for a year?
[10:19] <inode0> we normally had max here to work with directly and he was also on famsco so there was a connection there
[10:19] <bckurera> like before accepting the request we should have to
know that the funds available for the request!
[10:20] <inode0> so famsco knew what we were spending but did not formally approve those expenses
[10:20] <bckurera> understood like Harish?
[10:20] <inode0> yes, I would like the regional support budget to be block allocated to regions in part so we could all have more control over it locally
[10:21] <dramsey> +1
[10:21] <bckurera> agree with you
[10:21] <inode0> we need to build trust relationships and work together for that to happen over time but we can get there
[10:21] <dramsey> +1