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  • Testing Results 06/12/2012
Boot from 64 GB SDXC Card
(SanDisk Ultra 30 mb/sec 64 GB SDXC Card.)
  • Note: It is not necessary to format the card prior to writing to it.
xzcat Fedora-17-armhfp-trimslice-mmcblk0.img.xz > /dev/mmcblk0
Serial interface ONLY
  • Mac-Trimslice Pro Connections:
Nice Terminal Emulator for Mac:
  • Connection Diagram:
[MacBookPro USB port]---[usb to serial adapter (&)]---[null modem]--[serial cable]--(TrimSlice serial to mini cable]--[TrimSlice serial port]
(&) DYNEX USB_PDA/Serial Adapter (Dynex DX-UD889)
  • Console Speed 115200 bps, 8n1,
  • Note these are experimental FOR TESTING ONLY - Still in development; use with caution
  • log in to root (password is displayed)
yum install sugar*
Installs all of Sugar-desktop
  • The kernel used does not support startx
No graphical interfaces are available at this time for TrimSlicePro and TrimSlice -h
  • dd will write a live USB but it will not boot in arm devices.
works in intel PC's
  • livecd-tools does not work