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This Change was accepted conditionally by FESCo on 2013-07-24 meeting.

Change is accepted under the condition that the conflicts with libreoffice must be worked out. openoffice and libreoffice packagers get to work them out. There is no Fesco mandate that libreoffice must change to accomodate openoffice at this time. alternatives is not the way to resolve the conflicts but environment-modules may be looked at as a similar means to achieve that.

mattdm wants this to be perfectly clear: FESCo does not grant automatic exceptions to our processes on any basis.

--Jreznik (talk) 11:47, 25 July 2013 (UTC)

Any update

Hi Andrea, any update? I'm highly interested in this because the 4.x series of LO (features > fixing bugs mentality again, apparently) are much buggier than 3.x ones and AOO 4.0 and a couple of the bugs (and yes, I filled some bugzillas but no response yet) are real bummers for my use cases... Some progress update (or maybe even a testing repo in case you have some WIP packages already) would be great. :) User:Mso