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One spin or many?

  • Mo: I know what programs the Fedora design team uses a lot, so let's go through the catalog and make a priority order.
  • Sebastian: Figure out what they want, and then decide whether to go with a CD or DVD.
  • Mo: It would be nice to have content in a design spin - but we don't have a policy for packaging content. Content like gimp brushes, color palettes, fonts... eventually one idea was to have a Fedora Design Studio, which would have one for graphic design, web design, etc.
  • Sebastian: Each spin takes a nontrivial amount of maintenance labor, so I was thinking about having a PackageKit thing that would let you pick, on install, what group of packages to pull down.
  • Mo: You could install some small base - say GIMP and Inkscape - by default, then if you wanted more than that you could pick a group to install.
  • Yaakov: Fedora doesn't distribute content like, say, Project Gutenberg does. But in between that clear no and software as a clear yes there's the gray area like brushes.
  • Mo: Diana, do you have a set of core Photoshop brushes do you use?
  • Diana: I have a giant set I carry around with me.
  • Mo: There's a collection of content specifically for designers, it's called create - it's like yum but for things like GIMP brushes.

Picking a design approach

  • Mo: I have a particular approach to design, maybe Diana and I should compare our approaches.
  • Mel: Just so you know, I'm hoping for a step-by-step "how to design a spin" guide for people like me who don't know design.
  • Mo: Let's talk with Diana and see if we can make a desktop for her, and then go from there.

New ideas

There's a neat application Diana knows of (proprietary) that can take a screenshot and automatically upload it to flickr. Hack screenshot app to do this?

Can we make a right-click nautilus-action uploader to fedorapeople for those with FAS accounts? You already auth with an ssh key...


Qs for Spot

gimp-plugin naming scheme? package groups as tags: bad idea?