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Feature Wrangler Review

  1. Need feature owner to be a person including email address
    1. Where does the requirement for the feature owner to be a person (and not a group of people) come from ?
      • I was looking for someone to be in direct contact with if there are questions, need status updates, etc. instead of a mailing list or wiki page (poelcat 2008-11-24)
  2. How to Test section is incomplete
    1. This is not sufficient information to complete the section... How do you expect a 'how to test' section for a feature like this to look ?
      1. Something along the lines of what the major new features are, and how to test them. I haven't mentioned that I'm going to enforce this this time around, but for Fedora 12, I'd actually like complete test cases along the lines of this template, --Jstanley 15:44, 7 January 2009 (UTC)
        1. I don't see how that is going to work for features of the 'update major subsystem to the latest version' kind.