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Does this mean dropping prelink at the same time, given that prelink and gold seem to be incompatible ? Also, out of interest, why do glibc and the kernel need to use the old linker ? --mclasen 16:25, 13 July 2010 (UTC)

I'm not aware of the prelink/gold incompatibility -- I'll ask Jakub & Ian about it.

glibc uses "ld --verbose" to extract the default linker script, then proceeds to munge the script in fun and unusual ways. gold doesn't have a default linker script for glibc to extract. Uli & Roland are aware of the issue, but we haven't pressed them to address it yet.

Last I heard the kernel was working with gold but it seems to go in/out of a working state. The kernel does some unusual stuff in its asm statements and maps -- leading to a wack-a-mole state. Out of an abundance of caution I'd recommend having the kernel link with gnu-ld for Fedora 14.

I'm recommending we put this on hold until Fedora 15 I mis-remembered the tests that were done for Fedora 13 and as a result I don't feel we're ready to make a change of this scope.