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Revisiting discussion from

  • 2) GUI users will disable it (no GUI, printer support missing in s-c-printer, will break after reboot with printers configured in control-center)
AFAICS nothing has changed
  • 3) virt users will disable it (as of now, patches exist)
AFAICS nothing has changed - libvirt 0.9.13 still doesn't include firewalld support
  • 4) advanced firewall users will disable it (there is a --passthrough, but no way to configure persistently; also, apparently nobody has noticed #815439 beforee today)
#815439 was fixed, but there is still no way to configure --passthrough persistently.

Looking at;a=summary , there were only 8 commits since the last FESCo meeting.

Given the above, and that only 18 days are left until devel freeze, there seems to be a non-trivial risk of the F17 situation repeating. --Mitr 19:07, 20 July 2012 (UTC)

release notes

I've added this to the networking beat of the release notes, though I was a bit more verbose than the copy suggested.