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Additional Notes, Thoughts, and Questions

  • It would be valuable to work in some bullets that address meeting the needs of the target audience for this release
    • What are the needs of the target audience for the Beta release?
  • What are the distinguishing features of the Beta Release?
    • How is it different from Alpha and Final?
    • Can we call them out a high level even if the distinguishing differences are in the required test cases.
    • Requirements should be more stringent than Alpha, but less so than Final
  • What problem is the Beta trying to solve?
  • How will decide if the Beta Release is a success?
  • How good does the Beta need to be?
  • Do we put the Fedora distribution or project at risk if we don't meet this criterion?
  • Do we negatively affect users or others if we don't meet this criterion?
  • What is unique about Beta blocker bugs and how can we capture that above (or tighten down in Beta and Final release sections)?
  • Make sure all MUST and SHOULD items from [QA/ReleaseCriteria] are integrated into the test plans referenced in the requirements