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Kparal: In Release Constraints I would add a new constraint: "0. Release Criteria met". It should have even higher priority then "1. Scheduled date met", shouldn't it?


As discussed at today's meeting, we need to cover the case of subjective judgement of the impact of certain bugs. I would suggest a section like this:

Many bugs are not universal: they only affect certain hardware or software components, or certain configurations or combinations of hardware and software components. When a bug causes a criterion not to be met in some but not all cases, the teams involved in the release process will make a judgement as to whether the impact of the bug is severe enough to consider the release as a whole not to meet the release criteria. This judgement will be based on multiple factors:

  • The amount of users, overall, the issue is estimated likely to affect
  • The ease with which the issue can be worked around by documentable configuration changes
  • The difficulty involved in fixing the issue: whether there is a significant chance that attempting to fix the issue could cause more serious problems

poelcat 16:18, 6 December 2009 (UTC) Resolved by moving to Blocker Bug FAQ

Renaming this page to 'Release Criteria'

It seems like the 'Fedora' in this title is redundant. "Fedora Release Criteria" implies a proper noun or specific proposal, which AFAIK isn't actually the case. I understand that this isn't just an article on release criteria in general, but this also isn't a general wiki, hence the redundancy. Just a humble suggestion. :) Dafrito 14:46, 19 June 2010 (UTC)