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Notes and Tasks for the Guide to Useful Linux Documentation

Guide to Useful Linux Documentation

Current Writers

Sven-Thorsten Fahrbach Email: [[MailTo(araneus81 AT SPAMFREE googlemail DOT com)]


  • I've finished a first draft and outline of the page. Anyone who wants to help is welcome. If you want to help it would probably be a good idea to leave your name in the list below as well as under "Current Writers" so as to be able to better coordinate editing tasks. Thanks. :-)
  • I'm not entirely happy with the captions, feel free to improve them if you've got a good idea.
  • A first draft of the Application Guides section is now finished. Links to more applications are welcome. I will add to that when I come across more docs.


Task Description Owner Notes
Add more links to "Useful Sites That Host Docs and How-Tos". None
Add links to "Application Guides" SvenThorstenFahrbach (./) First draft done.
Add links to "Server Applications" SvenThorstenFahrbach
Add links to "System Administration"
Add links to "Development"
Write section "How to Find More Information"