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Notes (draft)

For the Fedora Base Module

  • Target 50MB on disk
  • Create pagure repo for experimentation with specs and rpms
  • COPR build repo
  • Specific changes proposed to and ratified by FESCo (FPC?)
  • Proven packagers to make changes to all affected packages in Rawhide
  • Monitor changes to packages to ensure no “growth”

For the Tooling and Guidelines and Beyond

  • Should include members of Fedora Rel-Eng and Fedora Security Team
  • Phase 1 (Roughly until F24 release)
    • Figures out what a “module” actually is in practice
    • Required stakeholders
      • Fedora Release Engineering
      • Fedora Security Team
    • Creates whatever tools needed to produce and use modules
      • using existing tooling and systems where possible
      • rely on Fedora Release Engineering for changes to infrastructure where required
      • Fedora Infrastructure may also need changes
    • Defines & creates demo modules other than base
  • Phase 2 (F25 timeframe)
    • Defines guidelines for module definition
      • Approved and ratified by FeSCO
    • Changes to packaging guidelines as needed
    • Approved and ratified by FPC
    • Module definition storage and hosting
      • relies on implementation by Fedora Release Engineering
    • CI infrastructure for modules, relies on work by
      • Fedora Infrastructure
      • Fedora QA
      • Fedora Release Engineering
    • Minimization effort
      • Will file FESCo ticket for proven packager work around weak dependencies as "general cleanup to a lot of packages" under the proven packager guidelines.
  • Phase 3 (ongoing)
    • After all this is done, become some sort of Fedora Module Guidelines Committee in parallel with (or as part of) FPC
    • Actually, parallel to Phase 1 & 2