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Need somebody to help with English.

--- I've just got sick of KDE, the last drop being KDE bug#320529, so I went for RazorQt ... my notes so far:

Seems this is the only one maintained resource about RazorQt in Fedora - any attempts to work with the author of Features/QtDesktop ?

I've uninstalled kdm, installed lightdm-razortqt, rebooted and ... kaboom, some systemd errors about login and whatever. Only text console available. Seems simple service lightdm enable fixes this.

As for music player of choice, I just have to suggest Qmmp ;-)

As for email client, Trojitá looks good so far - I'll ask jkt what is the problem, why it is not in Fedora repos.

I have a problem with default applications associations, seems gtk ones are preferred :-/ ... have to figure out yet.