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You could definitely move this into the Template: namespace, then instruct users to use the {{subst}} system of importing a template. More information at [1]. --Ian Weller 03:48, 16 January 2009 (UTC)

  • User:Bruno: The information about linking to a kickstart file should have an example of how to link to the git repository in the desired manner.
    • User:Bruno: It seems odd that scope and testing are combined. I would expect scope to cover non kickstart things that need to be (or won't be) done for the Spin. I would expect testing to cover a rough test plan for things unique or especially important to the spin.
  • User:Bruno: I am not sure why there isn't a status section. Does status kinds of things fall under the dependencies section? If so is it expected to be more verbose about the status in the dependencies section or just links to bugzillas that people need to follow to get the current status. Also when dependencies get completed do they get removed, some comment added or just keep a link?