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  • First: - my son checking email for the first time ever, on fedora... The best resolution I could find was 1024x768 :-(
  • Friends: - losing your head over fedora? :-p I am a packager for fedora (and an IT Release Engineer for Red hat) , and Will (the head) is a Sys Admin at Red Hat and works with a lot of the filers, including fedora mirrors (sometimes)... anyway, just thought I'd get some laughs :-p


have forms for all photo subjects:


- @mdomsch: your daughter is very cute (and I could imagine a story related to "first"), but the photo (made with a camera phone) to not have a resolution suitable for printing (NicuBuculei 07:25, 19 March 2009 (UTC))

Nicu Buculei

a large number of photos at (not having any release forms yet, to be determined if something is good for the book in orfer to start hunting for signed forms):


Using Fedora on my laptop and the flight computer for a high altitude balloon payload. Freedom to do exactly what we need to control on the flight computer.


A high resolution image is available if accepted. This is a pet "Pidgin". Cropping to the top part of the image looks good as well.