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For other uses, see For (disambiguation).

Template documentation [edit]

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Template:For provides a hatnote that provides disambiguation between articles. This is useful in cases of multiple articles sharing a similar name. In the Fedora Project wiki, it is also be used to link between a proposal and its corresponding article. This template is conventionally used at the top of the article or at the beginning of a section.

This template provides disambiguation in one of two ways: a dedicated page, or a direct link. The dedicated page is of the form {{PAGENAME}} (disambiguation), and is useful if the article has a very common name. The direct link should be used if there is only one other related article, as this method is more convenient for readers.

To use this template, insert {{for}} which will display the default message and link to a dedicated disambiguation page for that article. To link to the related article directly, insert {{for|the article on the number four|four}}.


Dedicated page

This example demonstrates a dedicated disambiguation page.



For other uses, see For (disambiguation).

Direct link

This example demonstrates a direct link to a related article.

{{for|an article on the number|four}}


For an article on the number, see four.