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The Fedora Ambassadors program is currently undergoing a revamp. More details can be found at Fedora Ambassadors Revamp 2020.

Put your tips and tricks for fellow Ambassadors on this page. These ideas are useful for shows, conferences, and other events or community interactions.

Be bold and share your ideas and experience.

Make a section or sub-section, as appropriate. If your ideas are long, consider creating another page and linking to it from here. Be sure to include the Category:Ambassador tips and tricks in the page so it is found by your fellows.

Make a flyer that lists the schedule of anything related to Fedora and friends

At every event there are scheduled items such as:

  • Talks by you;
  • Talks by other Fedorans;
  • Talks by other community members promoting an important Fedora topic, such as OLPC, Sugar, open source in education, etc.
  • Community events, such as birds of a feather, mini-talks at the booth, etc.

Make a flyer that you can hand out from the booth or by hand. It could be a small flyer (four to a sheet of A4 paper), or a single A4 sheet. Include:

  • Name of item;
  • People involved;
  • Time and location;
  • Fedora logo;
  • Other relevant logos;
  • Anything people need to know.

Dot the landscape with window signs

Standing out in a window, these signs are 28 cm (11 in) by 43 cm (17 in) or larger, with a blue Fedora logo centered.

  1. Get an SVG of the Fedora logo. Talk with the Design Team.
  2. Scale it in Inkscape to an appropriate size and output to a PDF
  3. Put the PDF on a USB thumb drive and take to a print-shop, such as Kinkos
  4. Purchase a roll of clear double-sided tape, preferably a kind with a peel-off cover on one side of the tape.
  5. Cut the tape to 2.5 cm/1 in pieces, leaving the cover on the other side.
  6. Apply the tape to the four corners of the page on on the printed face of the sign.
  7. Hand out to everyone who wants one; spread the idea far and wide.
  8. Apply the sign to a window by removing the peel-off tape cover and stick on the window facing outward.
  9. If you are all staying at the same hotel, you can add them to your room windows.