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How to Move Tests

As we move tests from our internal (downstream) repositories into the upstream packages, we will be utilizing a custom Forge as a staging area in order to make it easy for internal folks and upstream maintainers to work. Below are the steps you'll need to take to get the tests upstream.

  • 1 Collect tests into a local git repository
  • 3 Push your local repo to the Upstream First Forge
  • 4 Coordinate with package maintainer

Detailed Description of steps:

  • 1 - All tests need to be in a git repository to upload.
  • 2 - To create a pagure project, you'll first need to create a FAS account. Once you've created a FAS account, you can log into Upstream First Forge and create a new project. The project name needs to match the package name the tests are for. For instance, if you were uploading tests for sed, the project name needs to be `sed'.
  • 3 - Once you've created a project, add it as a remote to your local repo:
   git remote add origin ssh://<project-name>.git
   git push -u origin master
  • 4 - Get in contact with the Fedora Packager that maintains the package in question. Use this newly created repo to make any changes, or discuss any issues with the uploaded tests. Once the tests are merged with the upstream package repository in dist-git, we'll delete the project in the staging area.