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New interface for Pirut

  • Last modified: [[Date(2007-01-23T10:01:33Z)]
  • Owners: DamienDurand, ThomasCanniot
  • Targeted release: none yet

Current status


We need a new cool interface for Pirut.

  • PirutReview (Edward O'Callaghan.)

Usage cases/rationale

Hugo wants to install new packages in a graphical way. Hugo can do that with Pirut but he wants a new interface, more intuitive, more cool ... He also wants to manage and configure his yum repos with Pirut.

Here is the Pirut that Hugo could love playing with (designed by ThomasCanniot) :

File:Usability Objectives Pirut pirut-mockup-wiki.png

  • mixed categories and sub-categories on the left part
  • package details of a sub-category on the right part
  • categories can be hidden or not thanks to arrows
  • added a "Quit" button, as it's not very logical to go to the top right hand corner or in the menu to leave pirut

Rechercher File:Usability Objectives Pirut pirut-mockup2-wiki.png

  • Pirut should only displays the lastest version available for a software when a search is done

File:Usability Objectives Pirut pirut-mockup3-wiki.png

  • in the first part of the tab, you can fill the path to a repo file, from your hard drive or from the internet, so that pirut copy it in your /etc/yum.reposd.d/ directory.
  • in the second part of the tab, you can visualise which repo are installed
  • you can enable disable a repo by (un)checking it, on the fly, without having to restart pirut. Let's imagine than when you click on the 'apply' button, pirut checks again for the repo metadata.
  • you can also remove a repo from there
  • you can come back to the default pirut settings, so as to have easily a stable base again.
  • you can exclude packages from here, without having to edit any files roughly by clicking on the 'exclude' button, so as to see a dialog opened, with a wide text box ready to receive your package names.

Test Plan

1. soon

Notes from users that looked at this page

  • 2007-02-13: Tim Lauridsen, the changes is a step in the right direction, It is nice to be able to select what repositories to be enabled in the current session, but i don't think the repo management (adding, deleting etc) shall be in pirut, the repo management shall be in a separate tool (in System -> Administration) there could be a button to launch the repo tool in pirut. I talked with Jeremy Katz when he started to work on pirut, because i wanted to merge yumex and pirut at that time, but it didn't happen because the scope was different. pirut was meant to be the counter part to the package selection in anaconda and yumex was a more advanced package manager with more advanced set of features. The scope for pirut was a simple and easy tool to select and install/remove packages in the same way as in anaconda. if the scope for pirut has changed then it maybe is time to look at a merge of the projects again.
  • 20070128 ThorstenLeemhuis, regarding the repo modification dialog: There is one thing that really annoys me (and probably a lot of other people, too). I'm hardcoding my mirrors (sometimes to well known and near-by servers on the Internet, sometime to local mirrors to save bandwidth) in the repo files often. But that's a PITA to do: I have to disable the mirrorlist, uncomment the baseurl and change the first part of the baseurl manually in quite a lot of files (fedora-core.repo, fedora-extras.repo, fedora-updates.repo, fedora-updates-testing.repo and sometimes fedora-development.repo and fedora-extras.repo). That sucks. Having a central setting to change that somewhere (e.g. "use mirrorlist[] use hardcoded mirror: _______") or something like that would be nice to have afaic.
  • fonts should be smaller and stick to gnome font size.