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Jean-Francis AHANDA

My Name is Jean-Francis AHANDA and I'm living in Yaounde/Cameroon. I have been a Red Hat Linux 7/8/9 user but changed to Fedora. On the professional side i have been working on the Telecomunication business for the past 11 years now in various area ( support,engineering,operation&maintenance,project management ) all over the world and finally as head of the technical dept for a mobile operators. Recently decided to go back an work in Cameroon, openning a company providing IT and Telecom solutions only based on open source products.

I also created an non profit association called ACPROLL to promote the use of Open source and free software in Cameroon.

I Plan to be an active ambassador of FEDORA by making presentation of FEDORA to students at university for example and aslo by making install party of FEDORA 11 when released.

Personal informations

   * Age : 30
   * Location: Yaounde, Cameroon
   * Time zone : UTC +01:00
   * Languages : French and English 


   * Postal address : BP 15467 Yaounde, Cameroon       

Blog :


Email: ahandajf AT fedoraproject DOT org

IRC : ahandajf

Fedora Account : ahandajf

Activities within Fedora

Coordinator of freemedia program for Cameroon