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About me


Hi I'm Anurag Jain aka Andre, currently pursuing my degree in Computer science from SASTRA University, Thanjavur(T.N;INDIA).I have great interest in computers and have a sufficient programming experience.I basically like to work on various open source technologies and can program in C, C++, JAVA, PHP and VB. Its been almost two years since I've been using Linux as my primary operating system. My first Linux Fedora 7 and since then I've been using it along with the my Window via a dual-boot. I am one the executive members of my college's open source community GLOSS(GNU/LINUX Open Source @SASTRA) and we spread the word "OPEN SOURCE".

Open Source and Me

The main reason I like open source and related technologies is because it gives students like me the freedom to participate and contribute. This way everyone gets a fair chance to know their talent and their area of expertise in the field of technology. Open Source is a medium through which we get to meet various developers and get the chance to learn and work with them. Linux has undergone a numerous changes made by millions of contributors all over the globe and its has come out of its console form(when it use to run on various high-end servers) and has evolved as a very user-friendly desktop operating system.

My Linux story

Well I first heard the word 'Linux' when I was a newbie in my college and since then I don't know what drives me to use it. Initially the Linux version which I got was the Fedora 7 through a CD along with an magazine, which actually was bought for some other purpose. My curiosity made me to install Fedora in a couple of attempts. In starting I felt it difficult and moreover hardware compatibility was not that good. But I got help from various forums and mailing lists and got proper solutions to my problem. And now though gradually I've got a lot of experience and I know how things work in Linux. So I now proudly say that I use Linux and want to make a good career through it.

GLOSS-GNU/Linux Open source @SASTRA

Well GLOSS is an open source community in my college and I'm one of the executive member of it. It has been four years its going on and we make students aware of 'what is open source and how to participate ?'. There has been lots of sessions on various open source technologies including Linux, PHP and MySQL, JAVA, Clusters and virtualization.

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