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I have bought into Fedora in a big way. We have adopted Fedora for our organization - Taragana. Taragana is run on 100% Linux. All our desktops and even servers are running Fedora.

Why did we adopt Linux

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Why did we adopt Fedora

Unlike other Linux distributions, when we evaluated Linux distributions in 2006, Fedora was the only Linux distribution which supported software RAID-1 even on boot devices. This is essential for fully fault-tolerant setup in mission critical servers. Even if any one of our harddisks completely fail, the other will continue to function as if nothing has happened and business will go as usual while system admins will get an error message so they can add a new spare disk and configure it to replace the defective hard-disk. In RAID-1 the two disks are exactly mirror copies of each other. Here are few articles you may find useful:

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About Taragana

We develop software products and provide outsourcing services. Our clients include Millipore, Invitrogen, Scripps Research Laboratories etc. We are also a rapidly growing online media company.

About me

If you would like to know about me then read my popular blog on Java & Web technologies. Here is a simple overview about me. Feel free to browse my Linux blog for tips and code examples on Linux and Fedora.

--Angsuman 04:19, 19 October 2008 (UTC)