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Fedora Day Paraná 2015


Fedora Day Paraná is an event to promote Fedora and it's related projects, which will take place in Paraná, Entre Ríos, Argentina. Paraná is near Santa Fé (capital of Santa Fé province) and Oro Verde (a small town close to Paraná). The 3 cities have universities that dictate careers in computer / systems / electronics / technology. We want to use that the local FLOSS communities are small and with little activity, to make an event that attracts people from the 3 cities (and perhaps more).

The city

Paraná is the capital of Entre Rios province. It is located in the center-east of the country, on the left bank of the Paraná River, and have a population of 247,000 inhabitants, according to definitive data from the 2010 census. It is the main component of the agglomerate called Gran Paraná, which includes Paraná, San Benito, Oro Verde, Colonia Avellaneda and Sauce Montrul. Along the Gran Santa Fe make an urban area of more than 850,000 inhabitants, joined by the underwater tunnel Raul Uranga - Carlos Sylvestre Begnis. In 2014, Paraná hosted the "Cumbre del Mercosur", which was attended by presidents of Uruguay, Brazil, Venezuela and Bolivia.

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  • June **, 2014


In Paraná, there are a lot of places to make the event.




Name Tasks
Adrian Soliard Conference general organization
Matias Kreder Conference general organization
Rino Rondan Conference general organization


Task Responsible Comments Status

Fedora contributors attending the event

Name City Tasks at conference Travel budget USD Lodging?
Adrian Soliard Paraná, Entre Ríos Organization, talks, etc - No

Activities at Fedora Day Buenos Aires


  • Fedora 22 release party
  • Talks on Fedora and related projects (40 minutes slot)
  • Workshops (90 min slot)


  • Printed conference program
  • Badges for participants
  • Fedora and other projects stickers


The idea is to make some buttons to give for free. Some designs found in | Fedora Marketing Collateral :

Fedora-button plain-preview.png

Fedora four fs.png


The idea is to give for free stickers as well...

  • To promote Fedora:

Stickers-pakc.png Stickersfedo.jpeg

Marketing Stickers fedora-stickers.jpeg Marketing Stickers fedora-sticker.jpeg

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