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Benji L. Wiebe
Personal information
Location: Durham, Kansas
Birthday: August

Fedora-specific information
FAS name: benjiwiebe
Fedora e-mail:
Fedora homepage:

About Me

I'm a <25-year-old cheesemaker living in rural Kansas. Go ahead and try some of the cheese: My interests are computer programming, electronics, ham radio, computer repair, and gardening, but not necessarily in that order.


I'm on IRC sometimes, #fedora-devel, or ##hamradio.


I need to be sponsored, so if you are capable of sponsoring me and are reading this... I currently have one package waiting to be reviewed, "tcllauncher". It and dump1090 (currently under review) are dependencies of "piaware", which I will submit to be reviewed soon. Maybe someday Fedora repos will have everything needed to track airplanes and submit to FlightAware...