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Bhanu Patial

Fedora Ambassador for Pune - India , Himachal Pradesh - India. Can also provide help if you are in Bangalore - India

Hi my name is Bhanu Pratap Singh Patial. By profession i am a software engineer. I live in Pune (India) and belongs to Sarkaghat ( Himachal Pradesh ) India. I have joined as fedora ambassador so that i can spread it as much as i can.


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Activities within Fedora

  • Plans for Fedora.

Fedora is fascinating and satisfactory and i want to spread it's shining glamor onto the people unaware of it. This work it bit challenging , but the best is recognized soon. India is known as IT hub, but there are still many places where people don't know what Linux/Unix is. In India schools and Colleges are the best places where Fedora seeds can grow healthy. My plans are to spread the knowledge of Open Source in students and create awareness. Not now but this way will definitely change the way people think about Open Source in next 5 to 7 years. Process planned to do this will be similar to a nuclear reaction, one person teaching other and other teaching another. A person will learn what he/she is taught. This is another reason for unawareness of Open Source softwares in India. Motivating teachers and institution heads can pave the way for Fedora.