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Adebolatan Adewunmi

I am Adebolatan Adewunmi of the Lagos State University. I am responsible for all the on-site Server on the campus. We run on fedora linux. The servers are for DHCP, DNS, BACKUP, PROXY, NAT. My interests are introducing open-source Software to the end-users in Africa. The typical computer user is "afraid" of Linux. They have a preconceived notion that it is very difficult to learn. They also generally believe that it is not usr friendly- that it is mostly command-line. My mission is to "Market" the open-source platform to the future decision makers in the IT Sector in Africa. If they are abe to see te numerous advantages of Open-Source while still n school, they will be in a better position to propose and effectively deploy Open-source in Enterprise-wide environments and smaller scale infracstructures

Personal stuff

  • Location: Lagos / Nigeria
  • Time zone : UTC +01:00 (CET) or UTC +02:00 (CEST)
  • Languages :
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  • Fedora Account : bolatan

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