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Daniel Konrad

About Me

Hello, my Name is Daniel Konrad. I was born 1994 in Bamberg, that's in Bavaria, Germany. I work as an IT-Specialist at Deutsche Telekom and yes, I'm a trainee. I was 12 or 13 years old, when I was sitting my first time in front of a computer. And at this time, I was suprised an the rest of my life technic was my big thing. I have also learned some Programming by myself like Delphi, VBA, C, C++, C# and Objective-C (for iPhone, iPad and so on). HTML5, Javascript and CSS are also included for Webdesign.

At Vocational School I do some Certificates like CCNA and stuff like that.

My strengths are definitely Presentations & user training. My colleagues have recognized this early and so I create user training and guidance for official applications and also think of many colleagues.

In my sparetime I'm also an German Red Cross Paramedic. My hobbys are biking, swimming and (I think you know it) computers & networks.


  • Location: Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany

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Activities within Fedora

  • I`m going to open the peoples eyes to use open software
  • Fedora Keynotes
  • Fedora Ambassador
  • Fedora Free Media