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Steven Cramer


I am an old Disabled Progammer/Analyst. I started out as a hardware technician, repairing computer power supply's that sometimes were as big as your desk. Some of these things needed to supply over 1000 watts on a 5v output. Some of you may remember the old watercooled mainframes that had less power than todays PC. That is where I worked. I remember the old Hard drives that were larger than a lawnmower, and held less than todays CD.

After getting my fill of dirt and roach infested hardware, I switched to the software side, It sounded easy enough. I went to school to get my bachelors degree and became an application programmer in COBOL. Eventually, I worked my way around into change control, application testing. It was really nice keeping up with all the lastest tools and equipment.

But, All the technology I used even in my later days are dinosaurs compared to today. My career came to an end in mid 2005, when a health issue (multiple TIAs) caused the loss of my short term memory. Imagine trying to complete a task when you can't remember where you are, let alone what your supposed to be doing.

Now that I am recovering fairly well, and learning to compensate. I am trying to get back into what I loved most. Working with the available technologies. I believe that Fedora is giving me the chance to exercise what I have left of my cognitive facilities and possibly give back in the process.


Activities within Fedora

  • Currently just trying to get Fedora installed. I'm new to this and working to learn it. My plan is to build a test server for some shopping catalog sites. Once the sites are designed, I will upload them to a commercial linux service provider. (hopefully) Of course my wife and I love games, so that will also be included.
  • My main interest in joining is to learn about the project, talk to others and network, I like using and testing, but I prefer to leave the developement to those better suited for it. I'd rather be a conduit than a source at this time.