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John Kearney

Growing frustrations with the state of software, Microsoft, and computers in general finally brought me here. I began reading about Linux in 1995 and just finally got here thanks to my mentor Larry Cafiero. Now I want to do all I can to spread the word about Fedora. PS..."Do You Fedora?"

Software, should not be the property of one individual or company, it is not stagnant. Rather it is a living thing that can be added to and improved by each of us. As Fedora Ambassadors it is our responsibility to demonstrate the qualities to all with a mind open enough to listen.


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  • Username: Elijah

Activities within Fedora

I want to do all I can to further the Fedora and Open Source mission. I am attempting to learn to program in C+ and taking courses from MIT online in Python. As an extreme newbie I am open to all suggestions and help. The more I learn the more effective I will be at educating others as to the values of Fedora. It(Fedora) is like a piece of fine music. My job is to take it farther and help improve it.