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About me

My name is Frank, I am a 28 year old linux enthusiast living in Phoenix, Arizona. I have used every version of Fedora so far, and I wish to find some way to give back within my areas of expertise.

Linux history

I started using Linux with Redhat 7.3, although I didn't stay long at that time, I went to Debian instead, and fell in love. I stayed aware of ongoings with RedHat though, downloading and testing RH 8 and 9. I never really took an active role though as I always ended up back with Debian.

I started seeing how much Debian was lagging behind the state of the art though, so I went with Ubuntu since it was essentially a modern Debian. Since then, I have wondered back and forth with Fedora and Ubuntu since Red Hat develops most of the things Ubuntu gets credit for, yet Ubuntu still had the underlying tools I had grown so fond of with Debian.

Recently, I have begun to distrust Ubuntu though, as they have began to develop their own things, they seem to be doing a lot of things to create barriers for outside developers. It has really gotten me thinking about Red Hat and all they have done without needing this sort of control. I am back with Fedora exactly because of this, Red Hat simply does Open Source right and I'd like to engage more with that process as well as assist in educating people about this.

Fedora goals

I hope to become more interactive with the many aspects of Fedora, helping in any way I can, but part of the fun is learning new things and as such having particular goals seem counter-productive - if my eyes are pointing in one direction, I may miss something interesting happening behind me.

Contact info

I am often on IRC:

lunitik @ freenode

If you need to reach me by some other method, you can ask me there and probably I will provide it.