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  • Name: François Kooman
  • Location: The Netherlands, Nijmegen
  • Weblog:
  • XMPP: fkooman AT jabber DOT xs4all DOT nl
  • Email: fkooman *AT* tuxed *DOT* net

My Packages

My Packages For Review

Other Packages Not (Yet) For Review

  • base64 - Java class providing very fast Base 64 encoding and decoding
  • crapto1 - Open implementations of attacks against the crypto1 cipher
  • mfoc - Mifare Classic Offline Cracker
  • nokicert - Java X.509 certificate installation tool for Nokia phones
  • ndpmon - IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Protocol Monitor
  • libfreenect - Library for accessing the Microsoft Kinect USB camera
  • libvisca - Protocol implementation of VISCA cameras control interface