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about me Sai2.jpg

i am saiganesh aka sai .i am 18 years old.i am doing IInd year in computer science and engineering at SASTRA UNIVERSITY.i am basically a geek.i like to explore new technologies .i have been associated with open source technologies for the past two years.

journey with linux so far

my journey started with ubuntu 7.04(feisty).then i migrated to fedora.i have tried around 16 linux distro's so far.i have been advocating people around me to use linux.even if people are not convinced i will convince them to try linux at least once.what drives me to use linux is the freedom that you get.i want to make my career in linux.i am willing to contribute to fedora project with whatever i can.



open source

  • active participation in tech talks and opensource quiz competitions .
  • active member in many linux user groups and mailing list
  • member of the GLOSSgroup in sastra
  • always willing to learn new open source technologies
  • supporting and promoting open source in my college
  • making open source open to all