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A short introduction to the Fedora Project: Fedora Community and the Fedora distribution in a loosely organized fashion; just a brief announcement of where you will be... and people can show interest in coming.

I have planned to give a short introduction of the distribution and the new features of F13 (mini release event) at the 8th of June before the regular meeting of the BeijingLUG. I hope I can pull it off, as I arrived just a day before ;). It would take place before or after the regular meeting.

More details will follow on my blog or send me an email if you're interested.


我计划在6月8日BeijingLUGBeijingLUG的例会中做一个有关F13(小型发布项目)的分布及特色的简短介绍。我希望这个计划能够顺利实现,因为我只在这之前的一天才能到达北京。但是这个计划会进行,无论是在regular meeting"之前"还是"之后"。

如果您对此感兴趣,可以在my blog找到后续更详细的信息,您也可以写信给我。