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Jeff Shepherd
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Personal Information
Home: Phoenix, AZ, USA
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FAS-Name: hummdis
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Hello! My name is Jeff Shepherd and I'm the owner of Hummdis Web Design, an freelance website design & IT/network consulting group that provides services for the greater Phoenix, Arizona area.

I've been using Fedora since Fedora Core 2 and while I've tried many, many, many other distributions I have found Fedora to be the best by far! I have thought of many ways to give back to Fedora what it's given to me, so in February of 2009 my company became a FreeMedia Sponsor.

I use Fedora for Python development, backup server, web server, mail server, support ticket server, and a database server. As machines are retired, Fedora has been routinely replacing them one-by-one.

Future contributions on my part are planned when things slow down a bit for me, but it's been quite busy lately and would appear that things are going to stay that way.


Email: jshepherd AT hummdis DOT com