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State of the Wiki
Ian Weller <>
FUDCon F11, Sat Jan 10 2009

How's MediaWiki going?

  • Recently upgraded to the latest stable upstream version
  • The wiki is much spunkier than MoinMoin

Yet, we have problems

  • Search still sucks
  • Organization is somewhat haphazard, at best
  • People don't realize that the wiki is the best place for documentation

Explaining the first two...

  • They're directly related
  • When we finish the transition to the new naming standard, the search will work as it was built
    • To do this, we must flatten the page levels, and create new, more intricate levels using categories

Explaining the third...

  • Karsten has said[1] that people aren't publishing their documentation on our wiki because the documentation for writing documentation is poor
    • We're working on it
  • In the mean time:
    • Be bold in your editing -- do things as you see fit
    • If there isn't a rule, default to Wikipedia's rules
    • Categorize it properly -- if a category doesn't exist for your document, make one!

A good example to start with

  • Fonts SIG
  • Everything is categorized
  • Every page name is flat
  • Fully searchable

What needs to be done?

  • For the Docs Project:
    • Finish moving existing pages
    • Educate the community more about the availability of the wiki
  • For current wiki contributors:
    • Help the Docs Project with the reorganization of your sub-project's pages
    • If a page is hard to follow, give it some wikilove
    • Be bold
    • If you need help, just let us know

Q & A

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