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About Me

This was my account : Dextone but I forgot my FAS creds and my domain has expired, so I can't retrieve my FAS creds via forgot password procedure.

Now iKurniawan is my current active account.


  • IRC: dextone #fedora @
  • Fedora Account: ikurniawan
  • Fedora Account: Dextone (obsolete and unrecoverable)

Activities within Fedora

  • My Ideas

I'm from Indonesia, in my country so many cybercafe or public places that using pirated OS on their desktops. And for sure i want to introduce the LEGAL open sources Operating Systems to them, Fedora is one of many open sources operating systems, that can handles both of desktop and server computer.

  • My Supports
  • Help other users using Fedora.
  • Promote Fedora and the community.