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Jaideep Khandelwal

Myself Jaideep Khandelwal pursuing B.Tech in Information Technology at Govt. Engineering College Bikaner, Biknaer, Rajasthan India Final Year,an Open Source Enthusiast and promoter, I have fallen in love with Open Source for past three years and also working day by day to change people from DOS to FOSS ;). I am a RHCSS working to get every aspect of Fedora as an OS . I have used RedHat and now I am using Fedora 10 . I help my friends and family around to use Linux and also troubleshoot their problems they encounter during day to day life while using Linux. My other interest is Python,MySQL,PHP I want to be a Fedora Ambassador as I want to make Fedora infectious to everywhere I go.


   * Email:
   * IRC:  jdk2588 #fedora,#fedora-india,#fedora-ambassadors,#lugb
   * Fedora Account: jaideep 

Activities within Fedora

   * Making people switch from closed source to open source and Fedora is one them to help people around me.
   * Conducted a FOSS GN'09@Govt.Engineering College Bikaner from 28th - 31st October, 2009 installed Fedora 
   * Member of Linux User Group Bikaner ( aim to Fedora-fy the 3000 machines.
   * Fedora 12 session party at LUGB in February 2010