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File0007.jpg= Jorge Andres Lara Cravero =

  • GPG Public Key: 259FA804

Important.png Fedora Ambassador for Chile.

I am student of the AIEP professional Institute (AIEP ), at the moment course computer science engineering. Use GNU/Linux since 2000 and GNOME as desktop environment.

I participate in an free/libre software user group (GULIQQ) (only on the mailing list) [1] . This group shares knowledge and experience on GNU / Linux.

Contact Information

Location/Ubicación: [2] , Chile .


Personal Blog:

I dedicate this blog to write news about opensource, GNU / Linux, Security, programming manuals and databases


system in php and MYSQL released under the GNU license that allows administracción library under international standards, has communication with the Library of Congress, this project also carries 3 years.