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2/4/2008 Starting the schedule from alpha onwards, as we're a little late to the party for anything else

what are we promoting?

  • features that make it through the feature freeze, are set to be official F11
  • upstream collaboration
    • wouldn't it be great to have some interviews with upstream developers who aren't a part of Fedora, about how they find our methods of working?)
  • translations (dead line for translations is 7th April)
    • a how to translate document, which is translated itself
  • artwork process
    • feature articles on art sites that aren't FOSS-specific?
    • more video tutorials, they're very popular typically
    • would be great to have the art team produce some material showing them *creating* with free tools
  • infrastructure team
    • needs exposure beyond LWN, find opportunities to expose them to the wider sysadmin community (incl. non-FOSS)
  • download/test beta (how do you report bugs)
    • needs a tutorial
      • jlaska had VERY good articles recently, I think someone is working on repurposing them for both a print magazine and for RHM
  • fedora test days
    • see above re: jlaska
  • documentation (release notes, wiki upkeep, others)

who are we promoting to?

(each group below will need to be targeted seperately - although perhaps could put wider community/fedora users together)

  • lay press
    • circles where FOSS works - culture/goods recyclers
  • free software community
    • podcasters
    • smaller news sites
  • fedora forum/users
    • this is important and a good idea -- getting more information shuttled between and FP
    • keeping in mind chances of merging are very slim because they need to be free to promote what we can't

things we'll actually need to do

  • create a list of lay press contacts - priority 1
    • get in touch with lay press, build relationships
    • point them to the below/feature list
    • offer them the opportunity to arrange interviews/statements
  • produce the lay persons/blinged up feature summary - priority 2
    • e.g. your guide to Fedora 11, what to expect
    • publish somewhere, perhaps static page, speak to websites
    • speak to art team to get layout help
  • find some suitable upstream developers who might like to talk about working with fedora? AbiWord team did this before - priority 3
  • talk to glezos about getting a translation how to put together - priority 1
    • publish translation how to somewhere
    • provide regular translation statistic updates
    • would be fun to compare with previous releases (maybe horrific!)
  • talk to art team to find out what sites are popular - priority 2
    • come up with some material to try and get published on them
    • persuade art team to produce some video tutorials/montages of the process for creating the F11 artwork (speak to Colby about this?)
  • find out what the popular sys-admin magazines are - priority 2
    • get some more details about the work the infra team does
    • try and hook the two up together
  • release banners/countdown timers - priority 3
  • release announcements - priority 3
    • needs to point to join.fp.o, guide to F11, testing guide, test day schedule?
  • speak to jlaska about tutorials? - priority 1
  • persuade developers to contribute to the release notes! - priority 2
  • get as much of this information posted to fedora forum as possible. Speak with Rahul etc who are already involved there. - priority 2
  • tie all this in with specific dates/goals

Tasks by priority/date

Priority 1

These need to be completed by 2009-03-03 because:

  • Want to give as much lead in time to the Translation Deadline (2009-04-07) and Final Development Freeze (2009-04-14) as possible.
  • The more time lay press has knowledge of features, the more time they have to start writing articles

  • Create a list of lay press contacts
  • Translation how to and statistics
  • Alpha/Beta testing how to

Priority 2

These need to be completed by 2009-04-21 (week before Preview Release)

  • Blingin' feature summary
  • FOSS tool features for popular art sites
  • Fedora Infra features for sys-admin sites/magazines
  • Reach out to developers to contribute to release notes
  • Get content we're creating pushed to Fedora Forum

Priority 3

  • [Upstream experiences of working with Fedora (?)
    • Examples where Fedora IS the upstream]
  • Release banners/countdown times - completed by 2009-04-28
  • Release announcements - completed by 2009-05-19 (week before Final Release)