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Personal Info

Name: Jon Stanley

Location/Timezone: US/Eastern

Active Member of Fedora for: (years) 2.5

Fedora Interests: Infrastructure, packaging, ambassador, etc

Hours per week promised: 4-8 (generally not during the US working day)


Programming Languages: Python (not the best, but passable)

Certifications: RHCE

How long using Fedora: Since FC5 at least - old RHL user as well

How long using Linux: Since 1996

Do you have a full time job working on or with Linux: (yes/no) yes

Do you have a full time job doing development: (yes/no) no

Technology Specialties: RHEL sysadmin

Other notable experiences and skills: Lots :)

Current Access

What access do you currently have in Fedora? (packager? fedorapeople? etc) packager, provenpackager, sysadmin-main

What personal resources do you have that could be of use? (workstation, virtualization environment, cluster, high speed internet, etc): workstation, virtualization env, fat pipe (60mbps), etc :)