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Technical Requirements for Spins


This document is going to focus on the technical requirements of LiveCD/DVD spins. Installable spins are (currently) outside the scope of this document.


  • MUST be composed of entirely Fedora bits
  • MUST include the base fedora-live-base.ks file
  • MUST have SELinux enforcing
Exceptions can be made for permissive on a case-by-case basis. Use case matters a lot here. For example, something like the Xfce spin would not be allowed to be permissive. To date, this exception has been used once.
  • MUST not be oversized (700MB for a LiveCD, 4.3GB for a LiveDVD)
  • MUST meet the Release Criteria for a general Fedora release.
  • MUST NOT modify the default behavior of any application (an example would be' using browser mode for nautilus)