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Cory J. McKee
[[Image:{{{image}}}|center|250px|Cory J. McKee]]
Fedora Information
FAS name: killeok
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IRC nick: killeok
IRC channels: #fedora #fedora-desktop #fedora-games
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I work for Red Hat as an Consultant. I joined the company in July 2010. I am currently working on a long term assignment in Virgina. I am recovering from shoulder surgery from June 24, 2011

Self Introduction

Name: Cory J McKee

Location: Woodbridge, VA - USA

Profession: Consultant

Company: Red Hat, Inc.

Current Projects

Doing research on uEFI


To get Fedora errata in to spacewalk. To get more MS windows games supported in wine To help Friends switch from MS Windows to fedora

Skill Areas

HIGH: Hardware Testing, RHCE, RHCVA

MEDIUM/LOW: Python, Java