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Leonard Adjei

Leonard Adjei is an Open Source Applications advocate and an avid enthusiast of Linux. He's been calling for Software revolution into the Open Source market which seems to be nonexistent and mainly ignored in his country.

In an effort to promote the usage of Open Source(Linux) systems in his area, he formed the Thinkers Group. An association of technology enthusiasts who gather to tackle various problems in their vicinity using Open Source methods

Early Life

Leonard was born and raised in Accra, in a nation where the usage of computing was mostly Windows-centric and the usage of Linux was almost non-existent in commercial environments. As a boy, he learned how to use MS-Dos which he mostly configured for the minor games which were available at a time.

During his fifth grade, he befriended his school librarian who taught him to use Q-Basic, he soon thereafter created his first program, a dialog app based on Elisa. It was later in high school that he learned the existence of Linux.

Linux Projects

After learning about the existence of the Linux world, Leonard soon started experimenting with various distro's and systems. He found a special interest in Fedora and other RPM-Based systems and started configuring systems with them.

  • In March 2007, he installed a terminal server for him and his friends to collaborate about school work and other discussions. This he managed using Drupal CMS.
  • Currently he's involved with the Thinkers Group to develop a vast wireless network for the University of Ghana, to allow students communicate amongst them selves.
  • He's also designing a Streaming platform using Mythdora to bring multimedia content to residents in his area.

    Fedora Plans

    Leonard developed a special interest in Fedora after trying several other distro's. The ease of administration using SELinux and provisions like the "service" command which was implicated in the system made its usage a breeze. But unlike other countries, Ghana had slow internet speeds which was a problem when people tried to connect to servers overseas. The absence of a local repository or mirror was an obvious problem and served as deterrent to some. In an effort to promote the usage of Fedora, he's planning a deployment of a full Fedora mirror in his country which would ease the load on overseas servers and cut update times in half.This he would host locally and would be online by mid-September 2009.

    He also has plans to be a Fedora representative in supplying information, content and materials in his country. Currently he's has a small computer lab in his area where he gives free information regarding the use of Linux System and offers free Fedora Installations for small businesses.

    Fedora Activities

  • Fedora Ambassador,Ghana
  • Free Media Project


    • Email:kinkelson[at]
    • Fedora Account: kinkelson
    • IRC:kinkelson
    • Cell:+233261167718 / +233243756585
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    [Tech Republic][2]

    • Core Traits:

    Programming in PERL
    Wireless Penetration Testing
    Network Administration [Linux]
    Security Consultancy