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I'm A Software engineer at a major multinational storage and virtualization company, I'm a C++/Python/Java developer under GNU/Linux and I use Fedora on all of my machines.

I'd many sessions in Egypt universities, specially Mansoura University and trained over 250 people on Red Hat products where I used to work before, as a systems engineer in one of the major RedHat partners in the middle east.


  • Name: Ahmed Soliman Farghal
  • Email:
  • IRC: AhmedSoliman #cat-hackers #cat-scmp
  • Fedora Account: linuxawy


Presentations I've launched in Egypt regarding Linux and Open Source:

  • Windows vs. Linux - 2003.
  • The Open Source Approach - 2004, 2005.
  • Linux Installation Festival - 2005.
  • SELinux (Security-Enhanced Linux) - 2006.
  • Secure Shell - 2007.
  • What's so cool about python? (2009)

I'm also one of the first 7 certified engineers from RedHat in Egypt (RHCE) since RHEL 3.0 and RHCT since RedHat 9.0

Open Source Projects

Open Source projects that I launched and maintain:

I've also worked on enterprise deployments/training based on RedHat Linux and Fedora on the following locations:

  • The Central Bank Of Egypt
  • The American University in Egypt
  • Amer Group
  • Egyptian Ministry of Defense
  • Vodafone Egypt
  • Oracle Egypt

I'm the founder and manager of and a opensource community in mansoura university.

I'm highly accessible and you can reach me through my eMail and if you need more information about me you can visit my blog on