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I’m Mohammed Safwat, an Egyptian Muslim Engineering student, studying at the faculty of Engineering, Mansoura University, Egypt.

I study communication Engineering at Mansoura University and Computer Science by myself and by attending some classes as a non-degree student at the American University in Cairo (AUC).

While studying computer science, I gained experience for working on topics like Operating systems internals and development, with applications for Linux programming in C, Programming Abstractions in Java, C, Python, C++ and Object Oriented Applications design either in Java or any other object oriented language, Principles of computer systems design, computer architecture and compilers design and the mathematical concepts of programming languages with the knowledge of Algorithms and Data-structures.

My main interest is in the field of Distributed Systems, Distributed Systems concepts and design paradigms, for topics under the Distributed Systems science like cloud computing, and the knowledge of tools used for building distributed systems—for data storage, data analysis, and coordination, like Hadoop(Map-Reduce for cloud computing) for example, including topics like RMI with its applications in Java for example.

I concentrate also on designing enterprise software. I’m working on topics like: object oriented technology, re-factoring, design patterns, agile methodologies, domain modeling, the Unified Modeling Language (UML), and Extreme Programming.I use C/C++, Python, Java and Ruby for applying my thoughts.

I have some open source contributions, for Mozilla Foundation under Bespin project, for Fedora project through being a Fedora Ambassador in Egypt, for CATReloaded by starting Oktob, a MVC Content Management System in PHP, and for eyeOS by doing some work for a SSH client and a tweet-deck like app for eyeOS.

I work also on some individual projects, one of them for example is Integrating Nimbus and Hadoop Distributed File System, it was a project proposed for GSoC 2010 and the idea gained my interest.

Sometimes I write articles here on my blog, and I write some also at PyMag and CaTaZine. I’m writing a book about “Software Design Patterns, Enterprise View”, it should be finished by the beginning of 2011.

Presentations : You can find some of my done presentations here , . Some of them are for open source stuff , and some are talking about other fields of interest .

Activities with Fedora:

  • As I said , I feel that we still lack these strong technical events in our faculty's scope ,and actually on my city's scope (Mansoura).I intend to make the change in people's culture and intends , redirecting them to do and work more , and I see that Fedora is on of the best things you can redirect people to.
  • With holding the responsibility of being an Ambassador ,I'll try to unite my efforts for all open source communities I'm now supporting through voluntary work , and I see that by this way I'll be able to serve Fedora community in a good way.