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About me

I am Pankaj Kumar from Jharkhand , India currently studying in [SASTRA University] Tamilnadu , India . I'm a full-time college going student doing Information Technology 3rd year. I was introduced to fedora 8 and I am using fedora since then.

I have one idea that always feel freedom. So,lets open the door of Linux and Opensource.

Feel free-Use free-Distribute free


  • Email:
  • Fedora Account: pankaj4u4m
  • IRC: pankaj

in #fedora-admin,#linux-india,#fedora-india

Call me at

  • mobile:+919344223188


  • Kamdhenu Hostel,Sastra University,Tanjavur,Tamilnadu,India-613402

Activities in Fedora

  • I am using Fedora and use to distribute it among college students and install for them(like freemedia program).
  • I thought College is the best place where it can use and groom.
  • I use to fix little bugs and install drivers in others computer by getting help from fedora and linux forums.
  • I subscribed to few mailing of fedora and use to see them
  • There is a community called [Gloss] in my college which is working for Opensource and Linux to create awareness among the college student since 3 years(approximate) and I am one of the active member on that.There is a separate [OPENSOURCE LAB] in which we install fedora 9 which students use.
  • I want to do more and more projects of fedora and also utilize the facility we have and contribute in fedora projects.


  • Introduction to fedora and its subprojects was organized on August 23,2009.more detail: event wiki