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Parsa Hosseini

I'm a bioinformatics research assistant for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, with strong interests in bioinformatics and computational biology. I've been involved in bioinformatics since 2006, and seen the benefit that open-source software has in such a field. I'm fascinated with large-scale dataset analysis and implementation of algorithms (sequential and parallel) within bioinformatics.

I became interested in open-source solutions during graduate school after experiencing the freedom that can come with tailoring a solution to fit your needs. As a result, I have come to find the exchange of knowledge via open-source both fascinating and relevant for todays fast-paced world.



Ph.D. - Bioinformatics / Computational Biology (starting 2011)

M.S. - Computer Science (2010)

Thesis: A novel integrated framework to annotate and visualize Solexa datasets.

B.S. - Cell Biology/Molecular Genetics (2007)


Daily use of: Python, Java/Swing, MATLAB

Currently learning GWT/Vaadin

Why I chose Fedora

The ability to tweak an OS in any way you'd like is something you can never underestimate. After exploring the Fedora Live-CD, it wasn't long before this OS became an integral part of my daily computing. In a nutshell, I love the look-n-feel of Fedora, its usability, and capabilities. And when I took 'Operating Systems', then it all made sense.

Contact Information

Email parsah AT fedoraproject DOT org

IRC parsah

Fedora username parsah

Location Maryland, U.S.A