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I majored in Computer and Communication Engineering, and love everything related to computers and technology. As soon as I began using Linux (Fedora, more specifically), I was entangled by the organization and power of Open Source Software... Having a great impact on the student body, my colleagues and my numerous friends when it comes to technology, I am in the never-ending quest of converting everyone on my path from limited-based OSes to broader scope, easy to use, smart platforms, where limitation is the only impossible thing...


  • Email: paulmarc at fedoraproject dot org
  • Website:
  • GPG key: 0x9A7A8E94
  • Fedora Account: paulmarc

Activities Related to Fedora

  • Seminar for using Fedora as a user-friendly and performant OS, held in Notre Dame University, for Computer Engineers and Scientists.
  • Conversions' never been better: I am spreading the word everywhere... People like what they see, and it's good for them :)!
  • All of my home PC's officially run Fedora. This is the first step for anyone coming over to see how a great OS actually works.
  • The best way to spread the word is to actually use Fedora in front of people, in cafeterias, restaurants, public places: people just come and wonder about the wonderful :-)!!!
  • One of my professional contacts wanted to drive his proxy servers with F10. That's 2 DVD's (32 & 64bits) I handed over to him...
  • IT Manager of a multinational company, I have all computers run either RHEL5 or Fedora. 'Computers' include laptops/desktops and servers...
  • Participated in an install fest, InstallQuest where people got to try and install the OS.

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